Are you looking for a wardrobe makeover, a fine-tuning, or stunning look for a special occasion? Do you have clothes but have difficulty executing the perfect outfit? Look no further, The Stylizt is here! I have years of experience in retail, wholesale, buying and assisting top designers during NYFW. Over the years, I have witnessed many clients struggling to put together a cohesive outfit. A simple request from a client led to this consulting service.

I believe that when you look good you feel good. #Wearapy. No matter where you are in life, you should have a look that reflects your personal style. Fashion is always evolving and so are you. Each individual’s style is distinct so don’t be afraid to step outside the box and take risks. My goal is to help elevate your wardrobe game to fit your unique personality and to diversify your closet.

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xx, Lizz

people will stare.
make it worth their while.Harry Winston